Eitan Hermon was born in 1974 and was raised at Kfar Blum, a kibbutz in the Northern part of Israel.
He began running at the age of 10 with his cousin as part of the athletic program on the kibbutz. As a teenager, he joined the Galil running group and would run approximately 7km per day.

After graduating high school, he joined the Israeli army with the famed Golani Brigade. He completed his military service with distinction, and continued on as a reservist.

Eitan returned to competitive racing, completing several 10k races in 35 minutes. Eitan routinely participated in races and marathons and made a name for himself.

Eitan was wounded in 2006 during the second Lebanon War when his tank was hit by a road side bomb. When evacuated, lying on a stretcher, Eitan said over and over again – "I will still run a marathon!" .

Doctors tried valiantly to save his leg for 1 year, during which time he was honorably discharged from the army and side lined from running.

After a prolonged hospital stay and many months of rehabilitation, he ultimately required a right below the knee amputation and his world was thrown upside down. However, he did not give up hope that one day he would be able to run competitively again and cross the finish line a winner. So began Eitan’s long journey back to the track. He was fitted with a special prosthetic leg for running and a year after amputation started training for national and international competitions.

After just four months, Eitan completed his first 10k . His coaches were amazed, and he continued training at a high level.

The following year, he completed a 42km marathon in Tiberias with a time of 3:46.

Since then, he has participated in many marathons. His record stands at 3:02:12, where he made the second place in his category,

as an amputee in the world.

His goal is to break the world record in his category which stands at 2:57:47