This past winter, KeneSki adopted 3 TIKVOT participants, for a ski week. KeneSki offers a combination of skiing in a Jewish atmosphere.  The program connects 20-35 year olds from all over the world and Israel.

The experience skiing as a group, with courageous amputees and wheelchair-bound young men and women,  provided excitement and mixed emotions to all Keneski participants.

Tzippi Blumberg - Paralyzed
While driving home with her parents, their car was ambushed. Her Mother was killed. Tzippi and her Father were injured and are now both wheelchair bound

Nadav Sicsic - Amputee
Golani Brigade 2007

While pursuing terrorists was hit by an RPG missile.
His leg was amputated

Avraham M - Loss of eyesight
Golani Brigade

Injured 3 times during his service. Suffered from multiple injuries including the loss of eye sight in one eye. Today he serves in the Special Forces of Intelligence.