The story of Noam Gershony and Ofer Verfel, 2 wounded soldiers, illustrates how sports not only contributes to the rehabilitation of the wounded but also allows them the ability to resist challenging objectives. 

With the help of  TIKVOT  these 2 wounded veterans, participated in a challenging and adventurous ski trip to the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe through the Assis Association in France, who have  qualified and professionally trained staff, together with specialized and adjustable equipment.

Ofer Verfel confined to a wheelchair, due to a bullet that went through his back, while serving in the elite Navy Seals brigade. Despite his injury he continued to fight and was later awarded a “commendation” from the head of the Central command. As a tribute to his commander, Moran who was killed in the battle, he decided that after rehabilitation he wanted to return to participate in different sport activities in spite of his physical disability. “Moran was a very physical person, he loved sports, and this is my way of doing something in memory,” explains Verfel.

Noam Gershony,  a former helicopter pilot,was severely wounded during the second Lebanon war. After his injury Gershony  started his rehabilitation through TIKVOT water skiing and snow skiing. At the London 2012 Paralympics Noam won the gold medal for tennis.